Celebrating the 34th annual Córdova Classic

Celebrating the 34th annual Córdova Classic

The 34th annual Córdova Classic took place Tuesday, June 28 at The University of Oklahoma’s Jimmie Austin Golf Course. The proceeds from this annual event benefit the Pete Córdova Tuition Assistance Endowment, college scholarships, alumni events as well as school programs/organizations. This year's sold out event welcomed over 120 participants.

“What an incredible day to be a Rocket! We are so grateful for the generous support of our sponsors, alumni and friends of The Mount as well as our dedicated staff who made this event possible”, said Laura Cain, MSM Principal.

Charlie Wilson ‘71, reflecting upon his yearly participation in the Córdova Classic stated, “this golf tournament started 34 years ago and I have been extremely blessed to play in all of them. Several alumni and I started the tournament at Earlywine Golf Course. Señor was a big part of all of our lives, he wasn’t just a teacher to me, he always treated me with respect and like family. When the tournament started there were no prizes, just games between each other. There was no Social Patio and prizes like today, but the spirit of The Mount alumni family was always there. I applaud the staff who coordinate the tournament now and put in such heart and hard work to make the tournament a success.”

Members of the Cordova family were present at the tournament to reconnect with so many who loved Mr. Córdova. One of those Córdova legacies, Mekele Keilty, opened the day with a few words about her grandfather to the participants. Reflecting back on the day, Mekele stated, “this tournament celebrates the legacy of our grandfather, papa and our dear Señor. He was a man of service and in some small way, the participants at this year’s tournament are sharing in service the way he would. Señor, papa, left his mark on us and now they are leaving a mark of his legacy on others.”

A fun, new addition to the Córdova Classic is the Social Patio. The Social Patio is set at the Heatly House, between the 4th and 14th hole on the course. Golfers are invited to stop at the Social Patio to grab a snack, a drink and mingle with other golfers and social patio attendees. One of the sponsors for the social patio this year Rosa Byrne stated, “I was just happy to be a part of such a great event that brings everyone together in many ways. Having the Social Patio is a fantastic idea. Señor was about loving people. So I was able to bring together the people I love dearly and share what Señor taught me. To love and smile.”

Thank you to the many players and sponsors who made the 34th Córdova Classic such a huge success! We look forward to seeing everyone next year for the 35th annual event!

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