All students are required to wear the appropriate uniforms as outlined in the MSM Handbook & Policies on pages 11 & 12.

Uniform Shirts: Shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets can be purchased from:

S & S Textiles
2400 South Western Ave
Oklahoma City, OK  73109
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2016-2017 MSM Handbook

2016-2017 MSM Uniform Guidelines

Dress regulations are only necessary for those students who will not, without prompting, dress and groom themselves appropriately for school.  Since school is the business of youth, it is expected that each student will follow the standards that are in keeping with Christian scholarship.  We fully realize that the standards for Mount Saint Mary High School are high in all areas including appearance.  We hope all our students and parents share in the sense of pride derived from meeting these standards.  Students at Mount Saint Mary High School are required to dress in a neat, clean, and modest manner appropriate to the occasion they are attending.


All clothing should be neat, clean, modest, and fit properly and may not have holes and/or torn hems.  Oversized or tight fitting clothing is not to be worn. (No undergarments or undergarment lines should be visible, and no “form fitting” clothes should be worn.) All clothing, jewelry, adornment, and accessories should be appropriate and in good taste for a Catholic school setting. We strongly urge any outer wear to be MSM apparel.  If in doubt, don’t wear it! 

The following choices may be purchased from any department store:

Slacks:  Slacks must be a relaxed fit, cotton twill, “Docker style” pant with either a pleated or flat front. They must have belt loops and reach at least to the top of the foot and must be worn at the waist.  Fashion slacks such as jean cut, cargo, hip huggers, skinny pants or Capri pants are not considered uniform attire. Slacks must fit properly and may not have torn, split or purposely frayed hems.  Acceptable slack colors are: khaki, sand, navy, or black only.  Slacks must be worn with a solid color belt, at the waist. Belts must be solid color .   Chain belts or any other form of metal belts are not acceptable.

Skirts (Ladies):   Skirts must be a plaid skirt or pleated khaki, navy, black or gray skirt purchased from Parker School Uniform, located at 9606 N. May Ave. The hem must extend at or below the knee. Skirts may be worn with nude, navy, gray or black pantyhose, or solid colored knee socks in black, navy or white, or black leggings (with no lace trim) that go to the ankle. Leg warmers and loud or contrasting colors of pantyhose or socks are not acceptable. Pantyhose or opaque tights must be solid in make and color.  No designs may be woven into the material.  

Shorts:  Shorts must be relaxed fit, cotton twill, docker style walking short with a pleated or flat front and with belt loops in khaki, navy or black. Shorts should be no shorter than $1 bill width above the knee and no longer than $1 width below the knee and must be worn at the waist. Shorts with outside cargo style pockets on the side are not considered uniform attire. Shorts must be worn with a solid color belt, at the waist. See above for acceptable belts.

Tie: An appropriate tie may be required for the men on special occasion but is not a required piece to the school uniform.

Socks: Socks are required, solid colors only in white, black, gray or navy blue. Ladies may wear hose instead of socks with skirts and pants. Leg warmers are not allowed.

Shoes:  Shoes must be low-heeled loafer, flat (ballerina-style)  or tie shoe with a closed toe and back. The tie shoes may not be any higher than just above the ankle. Athletic shoes are acceptable. Sandals, flip-flops, slippers, moccasin type, “Crocs”, “Skele-toes”, house shoes  or clogs are not considered uniform shoes. Boots may only be worn with uniform slacks and the pants must be pulled down over the top of the boots.  Ugg-type boots are not to be worn with skirts or shorts.  Leg warmers are also not allowed.

Blazer (Optional): A navy blue single-breasted blazer may be worn as a dress-up option, purchased from Parker Uniform with the school logo embroidered on left lapel at S & S Textiles.

Jewelry/Hats/Outerwear – Hats and sunglasses are not to be worn in the school building. Students with pierced tongues, noses and/or pierced jewelry in any place but the ear will not be allowed to attend school or take part in any extra-curricular activities until the jewelry is removed.  Visible tattoos are prohibited in school and when representing Mount St. Mary High School in any extra-curricular activity.  Jewelry worn in excess will not be tolerated, e.g. many rings, multiple earrings (more than two per ear), hoop earrings greater than 1 inch in diameter, bar bell earrings, excessive chains, leather/chain collars, etc.  Outerwear may not carry the logo/advertisement of professional sports teams. (Any clothing, jewelry, or accessory that suggests or represents pictures of advertisements of musical groups/individuals, alcohol, nudity, sex, violence, drugs, profanity, tobacco, or anything contrary to the Catholic Christian philosophy will not be allowed.) No wallet chains will be allowed. No gloves will be allowed to be worn in the building.

Hair/Makeup – Hair should be a “natural” color (blonde, brown, black, auburn.).  Hair should be cut and styled in a way that does not call undue attention to it, including Mohawks, etc. Students with hairstyles deemed inappropriate will not be allowed to attend school until the hair is appropriately styled. No facial hair is allowed for young men.  For girls, head bands are allowed provided they are not a distraction.  Make-up for young ladies should be in good taste and not distracting.  No makeup is allowed for young men.

Spirit Wear – Certain days will be designated as “spirit days.”  On these days, students will be allowed to wear MSM school spirit clothing with appropriate jeans. (No jeans with holes, or jeggings allowed).  However, it was noted that a recommendation in this regard should originate in Student Council and should follow the established procedure for submission to the Administration.

Jackets – Jackets other than MSM jackets, and/or MSM fleece apparel should not be worn in the building and should be stored in student lockers. Jackets not in compliance with MSM policy will not be allowed.

Sweatshirts – MSM sweatshirts, hoodies and pullovers purchased from the Booster Club, as well as from S & S Textiles and other club or organizational sweatshirts, may be worn on Fridays and Spirit Days only. Students may wear a uniform sweater or fleece jacket from S & S Textiles, or an MSM letter jacket, with their uniform shirt during the other days of the week.  Pullovers are not part of the uniform policy.


The following items are to be purchased from S & S Textiles, 2400 S. Western:

Dress Shirts: Dress shirt options are a plain oxford cloth shirt, long or short sleeved, in either light blue or white. .   A solid white, gray, navy or black t-shirt without any printing or logo may be worn underneath the oxford shirt. This item must be tucked in at all times.  All dress shirts must have the official MSM logo on the left pocket area.

Polo Shirts:  White, navy, black, or gray; long or short sleeved.   All polo shirts must have the MSM logoThis item must be tucked in at all times, unless being worn by a young lady in a skirt.  A solid white, graynavy or black t-shirt may be worn underneath the polo shirt and must be tucked in at all times. 

Sweater:  A cardigan  or v-neck sweater in black or gray with logo is available.

Winter Apparel: Fleece jacket in royal blue, navy, black, or gray from S & S Textiles with MSM logo, or MSM letter jacket (can be purchased from any athletic store.)    




If the uniform dress code is violated and can be immediately corrected, the student’s name will be placed on the fine list.  The student has the option of paying the fine by the end of the school day on Wednesday or sitting detention Wednesday after school.  The student will be asked to correct the violation before returning to class.   Excessive disregard of school guidelines, resulting in consistent infractions, is considered a serious offense and will be handled by the Administration.


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