Letter to MSM Students from MSM Principal
Posted 03/17/2020 07:08PM

Happy St. Patrick's Day, ROCKETS!

By now you're already aware of our school's closing. Even though the mandate is for public schools, we felt it best to also close so that we keep you and our staff safe. You're not going to see our name scroll across the screen since it's a statewide situation.

I'm sure you have a lot of questions, like... "What's this do to my grade?" "No school work for three weeks? Longer?" "What about my AP tests?" "How about all our spring sports games and meets?" "Are we going to have Cyber Days for these next 2 weeks?" "Will we ever go back to our normal routine?" "Do any MSM students or staff have the virus?"

I don't have answers to all your questions, but I can answer a few:

- Our campus is closed and there are no activities whatsoever. Hopefully things will calm down and we can begin school on Monday, April 6, and that means all extracurricular activities too!

- Your grades are on hold for the moment. Our teachers and staff are working as we speak (yes, while on their break) to come up with creative ways in which to "teach" you while we are apart from one another.

- For the next few days after spring break is over, your teachers will be contacting you regarding Cyber Day plans. Our intentions are to keep the learning process going. But for now enjoy your break. Next week we'll be contacting you!

- College Board has reached out to all testing schools and have offered a number of options such as moving the dates to June; possibly testing from home. They remain committed to you, Students, so they can assist you with successfully getting those qualifying scores you've worked so hard for up to now!

- As of today, I am not aware of anyone in the MSM school family having COVID-19.

So during this time apart, make sure to focus on your families, check in on your friends through your savy social media skills. Phone your grandparents and check in on them, and please remain calm and hopeful. Also, ask questions if you don't know something. Ignorance can cause fear which causes panic. Remain steadfast in keeping away from large groups. Remember...no groups larger than 10!

Also during this time apart, try and remember to say a prayer now and then for not only one another in our Mount family but also for our nation and world. This is a pretty crazy time, but our faith and resilience are what have gotten us through some pretty rough times....wars, tornadoes, terrorists, and even other pandemics that we've faced. Stay strong. Stay faithful. Stay healthy. And never, ever give up hope. God is with us all the time. We're ROCKETS and we're tough!

God bless each and every one of you, and know that you're in my thoughts and prayers.

God bless Mount St. Mary Catholic High School.


Talita DeNegri, Principal

Mount St. Mary Catholic High School

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