Howdy Week- Color Wars
Posted 08/22/2019 02:10PM

Howdy Week- COLOR WARS

by MSM Student Writer Cole Ranck

Classes Begin With Tradition

At Mount St.t Mary an important part of everything that happens is tradition, and this

school year began with the long standing event of "Howdy Week". This tradition which falls

on the second week of classes exists to excite the student body about the year.

Howdy Week 2019 is being celebrated by color wars. Each day of the week students dress

in a different color decided by their class and athletic events. Tuesday, since the

upperclasses wore green and the underclasses wore red, the Rocket volleyball team was

cheered on by fans who donned their best Christmas attire for Christmas in August. The

most festive students were awarded gifts for their participation. Howdy week ends on

Friday with students wearing their Howdy Week t-shirts and this year there are four Howdy

Week t-shirts, red, green, yellow, and purple for each class from freshman through senior.

It has been a fun week week of meeting new friends, making memories and we look forward

to a great year at MSM!

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