Mr.Tyler Schilly, MSM English teacher and Assistant Baseball Coach, was just introduced as the new Head Coach for Rocket Softball. "I'm excited to start rebuilding and growing our proud program together with this group of kids," said Coach Schilly.

MSM Cornerstone Program Update- A Year in Review
Posted 11/12/2018 02:51PM

The Cornerstone Program at Mount St. Mary Catholic High School was created in the fall of 2017 to allow students with disabilities the opportunity to receive a Catholic high school education. The program integrates students with disabilities into the daily school life of MSM with the focus of having the students in the program included in as much of the typical high school environment as possible.

Cornerstone Inclusion Program students participate in the regular school routine each day and attend classes such as English, science and math. Students are paired with "Cornerstone Scholars" or upperclassmen who are assigned to attend classes with the cornerstone student to assist them during class.

The Cornerstone Program just finished it's inaugural year with it's first student, Jacob and welcomed it's second student this year, Abigail. As we look back on the first year, we would like to reflect on all the accomplishments and memories.....

"To be in an inclusive environment but have expectations and achieve goals and dreams is amazing, because Jacob has big dreams. He is going world history, algebra... he is learning things no one would have expected him to learn or retain. Inclusion has helped him prepare for his life and dreams. The Mount cares whether he's here or not, or if he does his work. Everybody makes him feel welcome and holds him accountable." said Mrs. Brooks, Jacobs mother.

"Our daughter Abigail is a freshman at MSM and is in the Cornerstone Program. Although there have been some adjustments, as we expected, Abigail is doing very well. She is being challenged academically and growing socially. The MSM administration, teachers and staff have been exceptionally supportive. Her Cornerstone scholars have just been terrific. We feel like we are surrounded by a circle of love and are blessed that Abigail has had this opportunity for a Catholic education (along with her sister Julianne, a typical student in the 9th grade at MSM). " said Mrs Rogers, Mother of current Cornerstone Student, Abigail.

"Where do I begin to explain what Jacob and Abigail have done FOR and TO the Mount community? These wonderful students have brought such joy and love into our lives. Every day they remind us of God's love and the beauty of life! God shines through Jacob and Abigail, and it is an honor and privilege to have the Brooks and Rogers Family as part of The Mount Family." said Mrs. DeNegri, MSM Principal.

Click the video below to hear more about Jacob's accomplishments over the last year!

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