Music Appreciation 

Music Appreciation is a semester-long course designed to create and enhance an understanding and appreciation of the elements, Ethos, and affect of music, musicians, and composers throughout Western recorded history as well as in the events of today. Topics will include music, musicians, composers, painters, philosophers, events, and the like from the Middle Ages and Gregorian Chant to the present day and Rock & Roll, Pop, and Hip Hop. Prequisite knowledge of musical idioms is not necessary to enroll in and enjoy this course. This course is taught at the college-level thus awarding college credits to those who earn a passing grade. The college credits awarded are accepted at most Colleges and Universities throughout the country. Tutoring is available for interested students.


Throughout this course students will:


1)     Develop and master the critical vocabulary appropriate to the study, analysis, and evaluation of works of musical art so that they may be better able to communicate about music and exhibit awareness of musical styles and genres previously unknown to them ultimately allowing them to expand their own interests and goals

2)     Develop a familiarity with the names of key creative artists and their outstanding works

3)     Develop an appreciation and understanding of their cultural roots, of the development of civilization, and of the liberalizing role of the fine arts

4)     Become intelligent consumers of the fine arts and life-long learners about music

5)     Develop awareness regarding avenues of connection between the arts and other aspects of history and culture

6)     Develop intelligences and a foundation by which to continue a dialog on the central issues of human existence, such as beauty and truth, as they are reflected in works of art


Upon completion, students will:


1)     Demonstrate competence and the ability to communicate (orally and written) ideas and concepts using the traditional music lexicon

2)     Demonstrate the ability to aurally and visually identify basic instruments and performing groups

3)     Identify characteristics of the major music style periods and genres and how music fits into the historical development of Western civilization

4)     Demonstrate familiarity with basic repertoire and composers and be able to place them in the proper historical setting

5)     Become aware of listening opportunities and exhibit increased familiarity with the experience of being an audience member

6)     Be able to enunciate similarities or connections between music and other arts or other historical events; to seek elements of truth and beauty as reflected in the music studied

7)     Be able to demonstrate familiarity with the methodological approaches for interpreting creative works and connecting them to appropriate cultural background and context; be able to comment musically about their own preferences

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