instrumental music ensemble

The Instrumental Music Ensemble – a two-semester course – delivers instruction on the requisite techniques, repertoire, and fundamental musical knowledge required to interpret and perform repertoire common to performances, musical competitions, as well as to prepare for auditions for a College or University. While prequisite knowledge of musical idioms is not necessary to enroll in and enjoy this course, it is strongly encouraged that students enroll in contiguous years to maximize the benefit of the instruction given and proficiency attained. The Instrumental Music Ensemble takes several forms throughout the semester, including a drumline, jazz band, string quartet, chamber ensemble, and pep band. The Instrumental Music Ensemble supports the MSM community by way of performances at events throughout the academic year. This ensemble will also participate in OSSAA competitions as well as other relevant competitions and events throughout the region. While the department provides all drumline instruments, concert instruments may need to be provided by the students. Student-provided items include: mouth pieces and reeds for all wind instruments, picks, and sticks/mallets. Advanced private instruction is available for interested and capable students.


Throughout this course students will:


1)     Develop and master the critical vocabulary appropriate to the study, analysis, and evaluation of works of musical instrumental art so that they may be better able to communicate about music and exhibit awareness of musical styles and genres previously unknown to them ultimately allowing them to expand their own interests and goals

2)     Develop an appropriate level of musicianship expected of instrumental students

3)     Develop and awareness and appreciation of common instrumental solo and ensemble repertoire as well as their authors

4)     Perform at Mass, musical competitions, MSM events, departmental concerts and musicals, area schools, as well as other community service events.


Upon completion, students will:


1)     Master requisite instrumental performance techniques

2)     Master appropriate practice skillsets

3)     Demonstrate and apply awareness of musical elements of expression, including: phrasing, dynamic range, timbre, and intonation

4)     Sight-read repertoire of appropriate difficulty

5)     Demonstrate competence and the ability to communicate (orally and written) ideas and concepts using the traditional music lexicon

6)     Demonstrate the ability to aurally and visually identify counterpoint within a musical framework

7)     Identify characteristics of the major music style periods and genres as pertaining to instrumental performance techniques

8)     Demonstrate familiarity with common repertoire and composers and be able to place them in the proper historical setting

9)     Become aware of listening opportunities and exhibit increased familiarity with the experience of being an audience member.

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