AP Studio Art 2D Design

The AP Studio Art 2- D Design course is designed as a college level 2-D Design class providing teacher direction and guidance toward student growth in the visual arts. Technical skill, creative concept, and student expression play an important role in the making of art; however, it is the motivation and personal commitment of the student that is also required for this college level art class. AP Studio Art is a college level course taught in high school. While enrolled in this course, students will have an opportunity to complete a portfolio of their best work for submission to and review by the College Board. Students will submit this portfolio the first of May at a date set by the College Board.

The 2-D Design Portfolio intended to address two-dimensional (2-D) design issues. Design involves purposeful decision making about how to use the elements and principles of art in an integrated way. The Principles of design (unity/variety, balance, emphasis, contrast, rhythm, repetition, proportion/scale, figure/ground relationships), articulated through the visual elements (line shape, color, value, texture, space and form), help guide artists in making decisions about how to organize the elements on a picture plane in order to communicate content.

Current AP 2D Design Students:

(Click on students name to view their AP website and artwork.)

Thanh Bui

Sophia Leon

Sarah Chappell

Hannah Floyd

Christian Lujan

Chandler Whitney

Caliope Staudt

Anna Darrow

Amara Murphy

Cameron Abel

Garrett Kinsey

Hao Mai

Daniel Reyes

Sara Schlecht

Sarah Singletary

Kyleigh Willis

Yoon Kim

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