Mark your summer calendar now for Rocket camps!

Registration is now open for all Rocket Summer Camps. Below is a list of all camps and dates so you can plan ahead! Go Rockets!

  • Volleyball Camp / (Ward)  K-3rd Grade, May 31-June 2, 4-5:30PM

  • Volleyball Camp / (Ward) 4th-8th Grade, May 31-June 2, 6-7:30PM

  • Soccer Camp / (Boda) 3rd-9th Grade, June 6-10,  9-12:00PM

  • Boys Basketball Camp /  K-3rd Grade (Jackson): June 6-8; 9-12:00PM

  • Boys Basketball Camp / 4-9th Grade (Jackson): June 6-8; 1-4:00PM

  • Baseball Camp / K-6th Grade (Winterrowd): June 15-17; 9-12:00PM

  • All Sports Summer Pride / 9-12th Grade (Suber): July 14 - August 4; 12:30 - 1:45PM

  • Powerlifting Camp / 9th-12th Grade (Suber): June 14 - July 28, 2:30-3:45PM

  • Junior High Football Camp  / 5th - 8th Grade (Truelove) / July 14 / 6pm-8:00PM

  • Softball Camp / (Head Coach) K-8th Grade July 11-13; 9-12PM


  • Cheer Camp / PK-8th Grade (Hurst): July 11-14; 9-12PM



Camp Registration Form



Welcome Rocket Athletes!

pre-registration is required for all camps

  • Camp Cost: Payment will be due on the first day of camp at the registration table. Payment is made individually to each coach by cash or check.

  • Please submit one registration form per child. 

For questions contact our Summer Camp Director, Blake Gunter at

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I authorize Mount St. Mary Catholic High School to use my child's photograph in publications and promotional materials of Mount St. Mary Catholic High School. Photographs and student work may be used only by Mount St. Mary High School for Mount St. Mary High School publications and may not be sold or used by any other entity for any other purpose. I understand that my child's name will NOT be published. I further understand that there will be no compensation for the use of my child's photo now or in the future. Photographs are the property of Mount St. Mary Catholic High School.required