Tuition & Financial Assistance

Tuition rates for the 2023 - 2024 school year:

(Tuition amounts listed include tuition and Chromebook.)

Catholic (active): $10,900.00

Standard Rate - Other faiths/Non-active Catholic: $13,450.00

International student: $13,450.00


Tuition rates for the 2024-2025 school year:

(Tuition amounts listed include tuition and Chromebook.)

Catholic 9th Grade (active): $11,900

Catholic 10th-12th Grade (active): $11,600

Standard Rate- Other faiths/Non-active Catholic: $14,900

International Rate: $14,900

* Catholic Tuition Rate is a discount based on each student's participating Catholic status. Participating Catholic status is determined by the student's local pastor and indicated by the pastor's signature on our Parish Participation Form (click to download and print). Participating Catholic status is subject to periodic review by the student's local pastor, which could result in an increase of the tuition rate charged to the student. Each local Parish Priest determines the criteria for "Participating Catholic Status" within their Parish of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City.

-Tuition may be paid through auto-debit of a checking account, savings account, or credit/debit card. A one-time setup fee applies. If the credit/debit card option is selected, the card processing fee is paid by the card holder.

-10% discount if employed full-time at another archdiocesan Catholic school.

Additional Fees:

-Students in the PLUS Program and Cornerstone Program will incur an additional $1,000 fee each year.

-Enrollment Fee is $475 for 1 student (family max of $900). The enrollment fee is non-refundable.

-Book Fees: Book rental/purchases are made directly from Follett virtual bookstores. Payment is made directly to Follett.

-Other Fees: Yearbook, graduation, and special tests are paid when the student receives their class schedule in July.

-Bus routes planned for throughout the OKC metro, pick up only - FREE for MSM students!


Financial Assistance:

Mount St. Mary prides itself on its socio-economic diversity and therefore, works to provide financial assistance via our Work Grant Program to those students who might need it.

Are you eligible for the Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship? Click here to learn more!


Work Grant Program:

Through the Work Grant Program, students are required to perform various duties (e.g. sweeping, painting, raking leaves, etc.) in exchange for tuition assistance. Work grant assignments are completed during the summer months or after school during the school year. The family and student must abide by the terms of the work grant agreement, or tuition returns to the full rate.

The program has limited funds which are allotted to those applicants with the greatest financial need. Applications are processed through the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment program.

Click here to apply for the Work Grant/Tuition Assistance program.


Please Note the Following:

The timeline for submitting the completed financial aid application is December 15 - March 31.

Submission of an application is no guarantee of assistance.

A student must be enrolled before his/her work grant application will be reviewed.

A letter will be sent to the parent(s)/guardian(s) by the middle of April notifying them of the award amount.

Other assistance funds may become available from time-to-time. Those eligible for these funds will be notified of their availability.