Philosophy and Purpose

The PLUS (Providing Links for Unlimited Success) Program is offered at Mount St. Mary Catholic High School in order to provide remedial methods for students who have been diagnosed with learning differences.  This program will provide students the opportunity to develop specific learning tools based on their diagnosed learning difference.  PLUS will encourage students to acquire skills that are critical for their academic success

Program explanation

Students entering this program will be required to complete the regular Mount St. Mary curriculum.  Students will work individually with a special education teacher and in small groups for one class period each day with the possibility of an additional 30 minutes before school each day.  The program offers extended testing time, monitoring of subject grades, as well as organizational, test-taking and study strategies.


In addition to standard Mount St. Mary admission requirements, PLUS requirements include diagnostic testing, character references, and a personal interview.

student responsibility

Students entering the PLUS Program at Mount St. Mary Catholic High School will commit themselves to academic excellence.  This excellence requires preparation, cooperation and consistency.

Financial Aid for PLUS Students

Is your student eligible for the Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship towards their MSM education?

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