Growing Leaders Since 1903

Our founding Sisters of Mercy believe the leadership of young people is vital.  It is our belief that Mount St. Mary plays a dynamic role as a catalyst in developing future leaders of the workplace, family, government and especially community. We have taken significant responsibility for nurturing leadership amongst our student body with internship opportunities, student government, and community service.  The latter being paramount as it is modeled in service to others in our Christ-centered Catholic environment.  

Our students believe that leadership is defined as having their talents used for others and the common good.  Thus, Mount St. Mary provides an atmosphere of students caring not only for the school, but for the community it serves.  Our student leaders are encouraged to work collaboratively, to delegate responsibly, and to exercise their talents in service to others.  We believe these educational tools are instrumental in not only developing confidence and character, but a constructive and positive attitude during adolescent years.


An effective Catholic school leader exhibits:

-servant leadership

-strong faith and morals

-passionate commitment

-ability to inspire

-commitment to community

-fruitful and positive spirit