COVID-19 Protocol

As we navigate the 2020-2021 school year, we navigate through the very real feelings of uncertainty and hesitation, however, know that MSM COVID-19 guidelines have been prepared for our community with reflection, care, and study. While you read through our re-opening plan, “Launching the Re-opening of our 2020-2021 School Year,” it is important to remember that we will not be able to account for every scenario. Therefore, this plan is a guide helping us to carve a path forward, hopefully assisting us with planning and predicting so that we remain calm and prepared, not panicked and spontaneous. This guide will help us to be a resource to you, our Mount family community.

Within our Catholic school community, together we face the future with hope, with grace, and with a strong vision, and through your trust and support, we gather our strength and as one pray to the Holy Spirit to give us the power to walk this path and face the challenges ahead.

Catherine McAuley’s words, “A good beginning is of great importance” couldn’t be more fitting than right now as we begin this new school year under the guidance of our re-opening document, knowing there will be the need to consistently monitor the advice of health officials and make adjustments to our plan. Our school year is one of a “good beginning,” and it is our expectation to provide our students the education they very much deserve…

in The Mount way.

In Mercy,

Talita DeNegri, Principal

Mount St. Mary Catholic High School