Voices of MSM

Matt Mollman, Petroleum Engineer

"My experience at Mount St. Mary was a key ingredient in my development that not only paved the way to a successful career but more importantly it helped to strengthen my faith and love for others which has given me continued peace and happiness.   The Mount is like a family in many ways and I am so fortunate that I was given the opportunity to enjoy the experience.  It truly is a blessing to have this unique catholic high school here in Oklahoma City filled with so much history for future generations to enjoy."

Rebekah Cleary, MSM Senior Student

"The Mount is special to me in so many ways. As soon as you walk in you feel as though you are part of a family. The teachers and faculty make it a priority for each and every student to have every opportunity to grow in their faith and knowledge. Our principal always tells us that the main goal of the teachers and faculty is to get us to Heaven, and this is shown everyday in the hallways and classrooms. I love the Mount because you have countless opportunities and people by your side who will support you the whole way. The family aspects between the students and teachers is shown amazingly in the student section at different sports events. Students, teachers, and alumni come together and cheer on our teams and show their support. Our student section is one of the things that inspired me to be a leader at my school. Being able to see everyone come together with such joy and love for our school is truly inspiring. It is so important for me that this feeling is carried on throughout the younger classes. I want everyone to be able to experience the magic of the Mount. I became a leader to do my best of sharing this magic with others in hopes that it can continue to be present in our classrooms, hallways, and student sections."

Francois Boda, MSM Teacher

"I enjoyed a successful career in finance in business, but always knew I wanted to teach and mentor. When I decided it was time to follow my passion, I chose to teach at The Mount because I knew MSM was a special place from the minute I met MSM Administration. I knew MSM would be a place I could belong and teach in a passionate, supportive environment. I love the strong bond among the staff and I love that the school allows teachers to be teachers while following the mission of The Mount."