Moving the Mission Forward

MSM Initiatives: A Voice for Human Dignity

As a response to the independent investigation conducted in 2021, our school leadership is resolved to ensure our policies, words, and actions reflect our mission and our Catholic social teaching honoring the dignity of the human person. We must have standards and protocols that ensure everyone in our community - students, alumni, parents, faculty, staff - feel safe, recognized and protected at Mount St. Mary. Our leadership is committed to listening to the voices of victims and involving our community as we renew our commitment to our mission and values. 

As we move forward, we have leaned on the expertise of legal professionals, law enforcement, social services, and educational professionals. We are fully cooperating with local law enforcement, and we encourage any victim to do the same.

There are four initiatives underway to respond to what we have learned about our community and how we want to move our mission forward. Each initiative includes objectives and actions completed to date that are outlined below. We will update this page regularly to reflect progress, and will continue to revise our plan to reflect the needs of our students and community. 

Initiative 1: Voices for Human Dignity: Preventing and Responding to Sexual Harassment Through Training

Mount St. Mary Catholic High School will provide mission and value-aligned training and tools to our employees, volunteers, students, and parents, so that we can effectively support human dignity in our school community.

Initiative 2: Voices for Human Dignity: Building Effective Policies and Procedures

Mount St. Mary Catholic High School will update our policies and procedures in accordance with best practices, so that we can effectively support human dignity in our school community.

Initiative 3: Voices for Human Dignity: Supporting our Community

Mount St. Mary Catholic High School will provide counseling and additional support to current and former students involved in the recent investigation.

Initiative 4: Voices for Human Dignity: A Mount St. Mary Task Force for Change

Mount St. Mary is forming a task force to engage community members in a review of specific elements of our school culture, and to make recommendations that will better align our practices to our school’s mission, vision, and dedication to being a voice for dignity and respect.


Task Force Recommendations