Where Are They Now?




1.Kaely Bond American University Basketball

2.Mandy Martincich Oklahoma City University Volleyball

3.Audrey Campbell University of Central Oklahoma Cross Country

4.Blake Crawford Newman Tennis

5.Jesse Turner Colorado School of Mines-Football

6.Mckenzie Hudson Seminole Softball

7.Jen Marwitz Kansas Softball

8.Aimee Rischard Creighton University Basketball

9.Kyle Mazza Newman University Basketball

10.Adrienne Berry SNU Basketball

11.Carter Devine- Billen Basketball Oklahoma Wesleyan

12.Megan Krug Basketball St Gregory’s University

13.Kasady Uhr Softball St Gregory’s University

14.Zoe Haney Cheer St Gregory’s University

15.Kolby Duclos Indiana Tech Cheer

16.Julia Ciocca Penn Rowing

17. Peewee Tasetano Hendrix college soccer

18 .Peggy Frazier Newman college soccer

19.Shanae Vasquez SNU soccer

20.Katelyn Hendrix St Greg’s Cheer

21.Karly Hensley St Greg’s Cheer

22.Kiesten Love Northern Oklahoma College Softball


Welcome to Mount St. Mary Catholic High School, the home of “ROCKET PRIDE!"

ROCKET PRIDE is an attitude and a spirit—an attitude about progressing education and a spirit about competing and serving. But most of all, ROCKET PRIDE is a Christ–centered way of life.

Go Rockets!


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