Our Lady of Mercy Prayer intentions

Bernie Fonza, RIP

Father of

Carole Fonza '63 Gore

Janet Fonza '63 Peery

Linda Fonza '65 de la Garza


Jack Jones, RIP - passed away after a long battle with Lymphoma Cancer

Father of

Susan Jones '93 Adkins

Michael Jones '97

Barbara Braun '60 Burrows RIP

Mother of

Rebecca Burrows '86 Garner

Jeff Burrows '88

Carrie Burrows '98 Montoya

Sister of

Nancy Braun '66 Largent

Margaret Braun '69 Raymond

Charles Braun '71

Don McGlashan (Recovering from surgery)
Father of Diane McGlasha '71 Wilson

Jon Mance ’13 – (Recovering from stroke)

Bertha Perkins, RIP

Grandmother of MSM staff member, Derick Perkins

Sr. M. Antonine Maca, RSM (MSM Class of 1943)

Sister of:

Sr. M. Charlotte Maca, RSM (MSM 1935, deceased)

Sr. M. Hortense Maca, RSM (MSM 1932, deceased)

Adam Hooper '91, RIP

Lana K. Cohlmia RIP

Mother of Aubrey Haddon '17

Angie Hernandez '86 Ochoa, RIP

Jennifer Buse '96 Goettemoeller

was in severe auto accident with her family. Husband Jeff was killed, Jennifer in hospital, children only slightly injured.


Alistair, for healing

Grandson of MSM Charles Finsel (MSM Business Office) and son of Becky Finsel '96 Morris. 





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